Why Choose High-Performance Microfiber Paint Rollers?

If you are in the paint supply business, you want to offer your customers the best materials at reasonable prices. When you come to Pro Roller, you will discover a wide range of products designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the painting industry. Many of your customers will appreciate the benefits of high-performance microfiber paint rollers and here are some good reasons why.

What is Microfiber

Roller Covers are made from fibers, and some are much coarser and finer than others. Microfibers are so small it would take about five of them to equal the thickness of the average human hair. In fact, they are smaller than silk fibers. Fine fiber cloths make superior cleaning tools because they absorb without scratching surfaces. With fine fibers, you get softer materials and many other benefits.

Fewer Splatter Issues

When using some paint rollers, you must be very careful during the application process. If you do not move the paint-filled roller smoothly, small amounts of paint may spatter onto the surface. This can ruin your painting project. Because microfiber paint rollers absorb paint and hold it until you apply, you have fewer chances for paint spatter.

Less Lint

With most projects, you need the best roller covers to do the best job. However, some rollers have problems with lint and lint in your paint is never a good thing. Microfiber products have no lint problems. In fact, they are used to produce many lint-free cleaning cloths today.

Microfiber Paint Rollers from Pro Roller

Our microfiber rollers are manufactured with heavy-duty plastic cores. They are extremely versatile and give you maximum painting performance. Like all of our products, you enjoy a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you would like to know more about the many fine products we have to offer, call us toll-free today at 1-800-325-9561.