What Is the Best Roller for Epoxy Paint?

Applying an epoxy to any surface has to be done properly and carefully. These materials are very important to get just right, so they provide the proper coverage you desire. However, this does not mean any type of roller will work. If you are using an epoxy and you are applying it to a smooth surface, there are a few things to keep in mind about the type of roller you decide to purchase. The best roller for epoxy paint makes your job a lot easier.

The Right Roller Makes Your Job Easier

To choose the best roller for epoxy paint, you need to keep a few things in mind. The primary decision here is the type of nap of the roller. The nap, or the fabric portion of the roller, needs to be able to absorb the thick, often sticky epoxy in the right manner and hold onto it long it enough to allow you to apply it properly. Generally, it is a good idea to choose a lint free woven roller with a 3/8 inch or 3/16 inch nap. When you use this type of roller, it will not shed into your epoxy, unlike other products. This is another common problem contractors have when applying epoxy products.

Getting the finished results right is not easy to do especially for more challenging applications like epoxy. However, at Pro Roller Co, we offer a wide range of the roller types you need to create any finish you desire. We encourage you to call our team at 1-800-325-9561 to purchase the best roller for epoxy paint specifically for your project.