What is the Best Paint Roller Cover for Your Project?

Paint rollers are perfect for exterior and interior do-it-yourself painting projects because of their versatility, ease-of-use, and fast application. Paint rollers, when used properly, can produce exceptionally smooth finishes. They are particularly effective when used on large flat surfaces, such as walls and ceilings, in addition to surfaces with varying textures such as concrete, stucco, and drywall. At Pro Roller Company, we manufacture quality paint roller covers and other accessories.

Paint roller covers fit over the roller frames like a glove. Various types of paint roller covers available include foam, synthetic, natural fiber, and hybrid material.

Foam Roller Covers

Effective for use with high-gloss latex or oil paints, foam roller covers are particularly effective on bare wood and other smooth surfaces. The service lifespan of these roller covers may be less than other types of covers.

Synthetic Fabric Covers

Manufactured with material such as polyester or nylon, synthetic fabric covers are resistant to matting and therefore effective for use with water-based latex paints and for application on various surface textures.

Natural Fiber Roller Covers

Made of materials such as lambswool, sheepskin, and mohair, natural fiber rollers are highly effective when used with oil-based paints and can be used on different surface textures.

Hybrid Material Roller Covers

Roller covers made from a combination of materials such as polyester & natural wool may be used with different types of paint and for multiple uses.

Nap Heights for Smooth and Rough Surfaces

When applying paint to new drywall or another smooth surface, it is beneficial to select a shorter nap (1/4” or 3/8″) to achieve an even application of paint. A longer nap (3/4” to 1-1/2”) is necessary when applying paint on rough surfaces so the longer fibers are able to reach in and cover the valleys of the surface texture. Longer nap heights are ideal for surfaces such as stucco, concrete block, plaster, corrugated metal, brick, decks, and siding.

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