The Right Roller Cover for Your Next Painting Job

When you are determining the type of paint roller cover to purchase, there are a number of considerations to make. The variables involved with this purchase include the type of fabric, nap size, and type of core. Choosing roller covers based strictly on price is the wrong way to go about such a purchase. At Pro Roller Company, we are a premier manufacturer of paint rollers and other painting accessories that have excellent longevity and deliver high performance results.

Type of Fabric

Different fabrics produce different results in terms of holding paint and leaving a smooth or rough finish. The smoothest finish is delivered by a microfiber cover. These covers are also excellent for applying stains.

Sheepskin and lambswool covers are able to carry more paint than other types of covers, enabling you to paint more surface area with a single pass. However, lambskin roller cover options do not provide a smooth finish. They are ideal for use on stucco or textured walls. Applications involving the use of varnish or oil-based paint, a foam roller cover may be best. When using primers or flat paints, knitted polyester roller covers, although the lowest grade cover, provide exceptional durability.

Nap Size

When painting new dry wall slabs or a surface with equal smoothness, a thin nap, such as 1/4 inch or 5/16 inch is preferable. Smaller nap sizes allow for a finer finish even though they do not hold as much paint. For more porous surfaces, larger nap sizes are preferable. On most surfaces, a 3/8 inch nap delivers the necessary versatility, particularly for surfaces that have been previously painted. A 3/8 inch nap is also a good choice for staining decks. If your project involves painting brick, a thicker nap, such as 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch that holds a higher volume of paint is preferable for covering holes in the brick with one pass on the roller.

Type of Core

If you intend to use your roller more than one time, consider the type of core. Plastic Cores and phenolic cores are moisture resistant and will not absorb water and paint or easily lose their shape are advantageous. These roller covers are also manufactured with solvent resistant epoxies that prevent them from dissolving, which could cause it to shed on the surface you are painting. Ensuring your roller cover has a strong core is important if you want the roller cover to have a long service life.

By considering fabric, nap size, and core before purchasing a roller cover, you can help ensure you have an efficient tool to produce high quality work.

At Pro Roller Company, Inc., we have your needs covered when it comes to phenolic roller cover products, lambskin rollers, and other paint roller cover options. For more information about products we offer for your painting needs, give us a call today at 800.325.9561, fill out our contact form, or go to our website.