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Cigar Roller Frame

CIGAR ROLLER FRAME--Galvanized, slip-on frame with threaded plastic handle.

Available Sizes
4" x 12" Cigar Frame
Item #:CRF-4-04
UPC #:7 37585 00169 5
Size: 4"
Case Pack: 12
6" x 14-3/4" Short Cigar Frame
Item #:CRF-S6-06
UPC #:7 37585 00095 7
Size: 6-1/2"
Case Pack: 12
6" x 24" Long Cigar Frame
Item #:CRF-L6-06
UPC #:7 37585 00094 0
Size: 6-1/2"
Case Pack: 12

Professional Cigar Roller Frame for Your Paint Rollers

Paint rollers are highly effective tools that allow you to cover large wall, ceiling, and other surfaces with efficiency and speed. In addition, cigar roller cover products come in various nap lengths, fabrics, and densities. Choosing the right roller cover is certainly essential to produce the best painting results. However, the choice of paint roller frame is also important. You need a sturdy frame that will help you get the job done in the shortest time frame possible. At Pro Roller Company, Inc., we offer various options in the cigar roller frame to help you achieve efficient and high-quality painting results.

Cigar Roller Frame Options

The cigar roller frame we offer is galvanized. It is slip on frame with a threaded plastic handle to accept an extended pole. The short/long cigar frame options we offer include:

  • 4" x 12" Cigar Frame
  • 6" x 14-3/4" Short Cigar Frame
  • 6" x 24" Long Cigar Frame

If you are painting a large surface area in a room, you need an effective paint roller frame that will ensure your paint roller operates efficiently and gets the job done as quickly as possible. Having a high-quality roller frame for your paint roller is essential. Inexpensive frames have wires without sufficient durability to allow the roller to function efficiently. The cigar frame we offer provides a quality support for various paint rollers.

For more information about the roller cigar frame 4” short handle and 6” short handle frames we offer at Pro Roller, calls today at 800.325.9561 or use our contact form.