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Paint Tray Liner

Item #: PTL
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PAINT TRAY LINER--High quality plastic, no mess, no cleanup, for use with MPT

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Paint Tray Liner - Fits MPT
Item #:PTL
UPC #:0 14958 00018 0
Case Pack: 50

Paint Roller Tray Liners

Plastic tray liners help you save time and money by removing the requirement to clean paint trays in between painting sessions or a change of painting color. At Pro Roller, we offer highly effective and convenient paint roller tray liners to prevent the usual mess that requires time-consuming cleanup.

Paint Tray Liners

Forget the hassle of trying to scrub and scrape dried-up paint from your paint tray. You can simply install one of these paint tray liners instead, keeping your paint tray free from contact with the paint, and throw out the liner when you are done. This exceptional quality plastic liner fits perfectly a deep well metal tray and allows your paint roller to move efficiently inside the tray. It also keeps your metal trays protected from rust and ensures old pieces of dried-up paint are not accidentally mixed in with your current paint job.

Characteristics and benefits of this premier paint tray liner include:

  • Plastic, shallow paint tray liner for metal trays
  • Designed for one-time use
  • Keeps the paint tray protected
  • Keeps paint from mixing with rust or dried-up paint in older paint trays
  • Provides resistance to most solvent-based paints and high viscous coatings, including stains
  • May be tossed away with no cleanup required

Easily Reuse Your Paint Trays

There are various ways to clean up a paint tray, including through the use of paint thinner, soap and water, or power washing. However, the most efficient way to reuse a paint tray is to prevent it from contacting the paint through the use of a liner.

We offer our paint roller tray liner product in a case pack of 50. When you need paint trays & liners, look no further than our selection at Pro Roller.

For additional information about the paint roller tray liners we offer, give us a call today at 800.325.9561 or leave us a message through our contact form.