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Fiberglass Extension Pole

FIBERGLASS EXTENSION POLE--15/16" Diameter, yellow fiberglass pole with hanger and heavy duty cast metal threads

Available Sizes
48" Fiberglass Extension Pole
Item #:4FGP
UPC #:7 37585 00493 1
Size: 48"
Case Pack: 12
60" Fiberglass Extension Pole
Item #:5FGP
UPC #:7 37585 00518 1
Size: 60"
Case Pack: 12
72" Fiberglass Extension Pole
Item #:6FGP
UPC #:7 37585 00498 6
Size: 72"
Case Pack: 12

Fiberglass Extension Pole for Painting Applications

A paint roller and extension pole can give you the leverage you need for painting projects that involve ceilings and walls. At Pro Roller Company, Inc., we offer high quality fiberglass extension poles that can help you handle your painting and other ceiling/wall applicator projects with great efficiency.

Our Fiberglass Paint Extension Pole

The fiberglass extension pole we offer comes in a 15/16 inch diameter size. The pole is yellow in color and includes a hanger and heavy duty cast metal threads. It comes in three different extension lengths of 48, 60, and 72 inches, enabling you to paint or coat those hard-to-reach, elevated areas.

Benefits of Using Our Paint Roller Extension Pole

With the leverage provided by an extension pole, you can avoid the uncomfortable position of having to bend down low to load your roller with paint or step up high onto a ladder to reach elevated portions of a wall or ceiling. Our long fiberglass pole helps you achieve greater productivity without adding undue stress to your body. It simply provides a safer and more effective way to paint and coat walls and ceilings.

If your project involves painting a ceiling, wall, or other difficult to reach surface, you can benefit significantly from the use of our high quality paint roller extension pole. It is a tool designed to help you achieve faster results with greater comfort.

To learn more about how our fiberglass long extension pole can improve the efficiency of your painting projects, give our team a call today at 800.325.9561 or complete our contact form.