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H.D. Bucket Grid

H.D. BUCKET GRID--Professional galvanized, heavy duty bucket grid, reinforced on all 4 sides

Available Sizes
1 Gallon H.D. Bucket Grid - 2 Sided
Item #:1BG-2S
UPC #:7 57136 81101 6
Size: 1 Gallon
Case Pack: 12
2 Gallon H.D. Bucket Grid 4 Sided
Item #:2BG-4S
UPC #:7 57136 82102 2
Size: 2 Gallon
Case Pack: 12
5 Gallon H.D. Bucket Grid 4 Sided
Item #:5BG-4S
UPC #:7 57136 82105 3
Size: 5 Gallon
Case Pack: 12

5 Gallon Bucket Paint Roller Grid

The use of a paint grid when completing painting projects is essential for achieving the most efficient and best quality paint application. The professionals use this tool all the time. Simply, this paint bucket roller grid is hung inside of a 5 gallon bucket of paint. When you use this convenient tool, you will no longer need a paint roller tray. At Pro Roller, we offer the 5 gallon paint bucket grid with highly durable construction for your painting needs.

Paint roller grids come in various sizes which fit into most plastic buckets. The sizes of these grids are designed to accommodate the sizes of various roller frames.

5 Gallon Bucket Paint Grid

This paint grid has reinforcement on each side which can effectively increase how fast you are able to paint, saving you valuable time on your painting projects. When the roller travels across the grid, the excess paint on the roller is removed and the roller receives an even distribution of paint. This allows for an even distribution of paint from the roller to the painting surface.

Through the use of a bucket grid inside of a paint bucket, you can apply a greater volume of paint, with less effort, and in less time. The use of a paint roller grid is necessary to set up the roller properly when you are painting from a 5 gallon pail.

With this paint bucket roller grid, you have the ideal tool for preparing your roller to apply the optimum quantity of paint on your surfaces.

For more information about the 5 gallon bucket paint roller grid we offer at Pro Roller, give us a call today at 800.325.9561 or use our contact form to drop us a message.