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Buy the Best Paint Roller Frame Types for The Job

The Pro Roller Co. specializes in providing the roller covers, accessories, extension poles and paint roller frame types needed for any type of job. Our line of products is engineered and designed to be comfortable and easy to use for both do-it-yourself projects as well as for professional, residential, and commercial painting services.

From our standard cage paint roller frame to our H.D industrial cage frames, we have the perfect option for your painting needs. Our team can also help any retailer or wholesalers in finding the ideal options for any type or do-it-yourself or professional paint roller frame options for online or retail sales.

With our full line of accessories, brushes, and roller sets, we can provide all of your roller and painting supply needs. We also offer a complete range of roller covers, ideal for use with our roller frames.

Our Quality

All of our paint roller frames are distinctive. With soft grip handles, wood handles and ergonomic grips, we offer the best paint roller frame options on the market. Our professional line of paint roller frames for professional painters is designed for comfort and ease of use as well as durability.

The quality of all the paint roller frames offered at Pro Roller Co. is a hallmark of our business. With our reputation, we are the go-to company for retailers and wholesalers they need to buy paint roller cage frames of any size and shape.