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Different Styles of Paint Trays

There are many different styles, options, and features in the plastic and metal paint tray options offered at Pro Roller Co. All are designed to be durable, practical and easy to use for both professional and do-it-yourself painters.

Each of our metal and plastic paint trays is designed for correct movement of our paint rollers from the paint well up over the ridged surface. This ridge is carefully designed to distribute the paint evenly on the roller cover as the roller is moved from the paint well up to the top of the paint tray. We offer this feature in our very economically priced green plastic tray, which is a popular choice in our paint tray line.

Features on our Paint Roller Trays

Both our plastic and metal paint trays are solvent resistant, which means they can be cleaned between use, regardless of the type of paint used. They are also designed to be sturdy and dependable, able to stand up to multiple uses. Metal trays are often preferred by professionals as they are practical for regular use on both small and large projects.

Many of the deluxe and professional styles of standard and deep well paint trays also offer ladder hook legs. This feature allows the painter to secure the tray to a ladder, adding to ease of use for any application.

In addition to our options in paint roller tray designs, we also provide paint tray liners. These make cleanup a breeze, just remove and dispose of the liner when the job is done.