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Options to Consider in A Paint Roller Set

One of the advantages of having a top selection of painting supplies for any dealer is to ensure the correct products for the range of customers. At Pro Roller Co, we offer a full line of different paint roller set options, priced from an economy set through to a professional paint roller set.

The Set Advantage

The sets we offer at Pro Roller Co. are designed to meet the needs of do-it-yourself painters working on projects around the home through to professional painter. All of our sets, including our very reasonably priced economy sets, offer a high quality roller cover, a paint tray, and a paint roller frame. The Pro Set also includes an angular sash brush.

The difference in the sets includes the type of paint roller frame and the paint tray. There are also different grades of covers, which includes the economy, all-purpose type of set through to the professional and heavy-duty sets. All of the sets include high quality paint rollers, and we offer replacement rollers of all sizes and types.

Our selection includes both a plastic paint tray set option as well as a metal paint tray set. The metal paint tray set is ideal for heavy-duty types of painting requirements, while the plastic sets are lightweight and can be disposed of when the project is complete.

All sets are wrapped and labeled, making it easy for inventory management and sales. With these full sets, customers can easily have everything they need for their painting project all in one set.