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Mini Roller Cover System

Paint rollers are very effective tools that enable you to cover large surface areas with exceptional speed. Mini roller cover products are available in various fabrics, nap lengths, and densities. It is very important to choose the perfect roller cover to meet the specific needs of your painting project. At Pro Roller Company, Inc., we offer the high quality roller products you need for any number of painting applications.

Dripless Lint-Free Mini Roller Cover

Dripless covers are the industry standard when it comes to lint free roller cover products. We manufacture superior quality dripless covers utilizing first-in-class high density woven fabric with a highly effective finishing process to produce an exceptional cover product. You can achieve a super smooth, flawless, and lint free finish through these dripless covers that deliver the ultimate results in paint pick up and release. These Dripless mini roller covers have high density woven fabric that resists matting, produce virtually no splatter, and maybe use with all paints, urethanes, epoxies, and enamels.

Velour Paint Roller

The Velour mini roller we offer consists of shed resistant mohair fabric that is perfect for use on smooth surfaces. It may be used with all paints, varnishes, urethanes, marine coatings, and epoxies.

Pro Painter

Our Pro painter mini roller consists of high density knitted polyester fabric, with a unique formulation that provides optimum pick up and release, ensuring a uniform finish and excellent efficiency.

High Density Foam Roller

This high density, high quality foam mini roller produces a lint free, smooth finish and may be used on all types of smooth surfaces. It is ideal for use with all paints, enamels, varnishes, marine coatings, and urethanes. It includes a rounded end for applying paint to corner areas.

Flocked Foam Mini Roller

This flocked foam mini roller delivers smooth surface finish with urethanes, varnishes, and waterborne enamels. You can use this roller to apply latex enamels without the formation of bubbles. It is ideal for use on all hard-to-reach areas.

Pro Stripe Gold Striped Polyamide Roller

The high capacity gold stripe woven fabric of this Pro Strip roller carries a large quantity of paint for even and fast coverage. It may be used with all paints and stains and includes a covered end to paint corners and other hard to reach locations.

Microfiber Mini Roller

This mini roller system consists of microfiber fabric that delivers extremely consistent, fine finishes when rolling in either direction for low splatter and low lint application.

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