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Specialty Paint Roller Covers

Paint roller covers are great tools that enable you to paint big sections of walls and ceilings and other surfaces very quickly. These covers are provided in various nap lengths, densities, and fabrics. Choosing the right roller for your application is very important. At Pro Roller Company, Inc., we offer a range of specialty paint roller covers to meet the specific, unique needs of particular painting project requirements.

Specialty Paint Rollers

We provide different paint roller cover options, including solid foam, short foam, texture mate, slit foam, carpet stippler, and adhesive applicator.

Short Foam Cover

Our short foam cover consists of yellow short pile from that delivers a lint free, smooth finish. It can be used with oil based paints, stains, urethanes, and enamels.

Solid Foam Cover

The solid foam cover we offer consists of solid yellow foam, lint free, and useful for general applications.

Slit Foam Cover

Our yellow slit foam is the perfect option for painting acoustical ceilings.

Texture Mate

The texture mate roller cover we offer consists of blue vinyl material and is ideal for applying aggregate epoxies and heavy texture paints.

Adhesive Applicator

The adhesive applicator we offer consists of a short nap and is useful for the application of all types of adhesives, including contact cement, and wallpaper paste.

Carpet Stippler

This carpet paint roller includes a nylon twist nap that is ideal for the application of texture paint.

We can help you choose among our selection of specialty paint roller covers to ensure you have the right tool for your application.

For more information about the specialty paint rollers we offer a Pro Roller Company, call us today at 800.325.9561 or leave us a message through our contact form.