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Professional Paint Roller Covers

Paint rollers are great tools to help you paint large surface areas, including ceilings and walls, within a relatively short period of time. Roller covers are manufactured with different types of fabrics, in addition to various densities and nap lengths. At Pro Roller Company, we can help you select the perfect professional paint roller covers you need to most effectively produce the results you need to achieve with your painting projects.

Pro Painter Roller

The Pro Painter is manufactured with an exclusive combination of knitted polyester fabric that is formulated specifically for maximum release and pick up, helping ensure optimum efficiency along with an even finish.

Dripless Lint-Free

Dripless roller covers are some of the most exceptional lint-free covers on the market. We manufacture these covers using some of the highest quality density woven fabric available, combined with a unique finishing process. These covers deliver maximum pickup and release, and ensure a lint free, super smooth, and flawless finish.


The Mohair paint roller is manufactured with a shed resistant, high quality woven fabric that delivers a super smooth, professional finish.

Deluxe Lambskin

Our Deluxe Lambskin is manufactured from the finest shearling. It consists of one piece of merino wool which is hand-sewn and positioned on a solvent resistant, heavy-duty phenolic core. This deluxe roller delivers superior release for high quality, professional results.


This high quality polyester and lambswool roller cover delivers exceptional results afforded by wool combined with the workability and economy of polyester. It consists of a high capacity fabric combination of 50% polyester and 50% lambswool.


Premium High Capcity Microfiber fabric is shed-resistant and provides an extremely smooth and uniform finish when rolling in either direction. Maximum paint pickup and even release. High Capacity and Smooth Finish.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a professional foam roller, professional paint roller set, or Pro Trim paint roller, we have you covered.

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