Pro Roller Offers Many Fine Paint Sundries for Your Customers

If your customers are painting contractors or paint supply companies, you may need to offer many products. Just having brushes, rollers, and standard tools on hand may not be enough. When you increase the available items for your customers, you increase your odds for more sales. Here are some of the great paint sundries you can get from Pro Roller.


Painting Pros need top-grade masking tape, and they don’t want cheap tape that will stick to trim and other items, too well. At the same time, they want tape that will not easily come off during a painting project. Pro Roller offers some of the finest blue painter’s masking tape on the market today. It resists paint bleed through and can be removed after it’s on the surface for two weeks. It’s also resistant to ultraviolet light and moisture. You can buy our medium-adhesive blue tape in thicknesses from 1 inch to 2 inches.

Painter’s Mitts

When a painter has a difficult project like railings or decorative items, it can be very difficult to paint these things properly. Painting mitts are some of the most useful paint sundries you can offer your customers. They can choose from polyester or superior lambskin mitts for exceptional coverage.

Professional Bucket Grid

For large painting jobs, it’s easier to use a grid inside a large bucket of paint, when painting with rollers. Our heavy-duty bucket grids are galvanized to resist corrosion. They are strong and sturdy because all four sides are reinforced.

Competitive Prices

The best paint sundries are high-quality and long-lasting, and they may not be the cheapest available supplies. However, painting professionals will appreciate the quality and competitive prices they receive from Pro Roller products. To find out more about our paint sundries and other excellent products that we manufacture and sell, call our toll-free number today at 1-800-325-9561.