Microfiber Roller Covers for Epoxy

If you operate a paint supply company, it is important for you to provide customers with the best options available in painting products and accessories. At Pro Roller Company, we have an extensive array of products available to match a vast array of painting project requirements. Microfiber paint rollers are one of these products and are highly suited for architectural paint applications.

The reasons why these rollers are so valuable and effective for professional and amateur painters are as follows:

Microfiber Material

Standard roller covers are manufactured from polyester and nylon materials, some fine and some more course than others. However, microfibers are extremely small. In fact, it takes approximately 5 microfibers to match the average thickness of a human hair. Even silk fibers are thicker than microfibers. With these very fine fibers you obtain a softer material with exceptional benefits.

Reducing Lint

Many types of projects require quality roller covers to do the job right. However, in some cases using standard rollers creates problems with lint getting in your paint and then onto the surface. Microfiber paint rollers are beneficial for architectural paint applications, eliminating the problem of stray pieces of lint affecting the quality of your work.

Reducing Spatter

With some paint rollers it is important to be very cautious about how you apply the paint. If you do not apply a paint-filled roller in a smooth fashion, some of the paint can splatter on the surface, marring your work. However, microfiber roller covers effectively absorb the paint with a stronghold until you take action to apply, significantly reducing the problem of splatter.

Microfiber Paint Rollers

The microfiber rollers we offer are constructed of plastic cores that are heavy duty in nature. They offer excellent versatility and deliver optimum painting performance and results. With any of our paint rollers and other products, we provide you with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

For more information about the microfiber roller covers for epoxy applications we offer, call us today at 800.325.9561, use our contact form to send us a message, or visit our website.