Lambswool Paint Roller & Applicator – Features and Application

Often, what is found in nature provides the greatest tool for solving a problem. When it comes to paint rollers, the Deluxe Lambskin we provide at Pro Roller Company, Inc., fits the bill. Manufactured from the finest shearling, we have literally created the ultimate painting tool. As a single piece of merino wool, are lambskin is set on the solvent resistant, heavy-duty phenolic core, providing you with top-of-the-line pick-up and release for professional results. Some of the characteristics of our Lambswool paint roller and applicator include:

  • Useful with all enamels and paints
  • 100 percent merino wool with naturally shed resistant properties
  • Solvent resistant phenolic core
  • High density wool holding a large amount of paint for an even finish and quick coverage

Lambskin Roller Covers

Lambswool rollers are highly popular choice for professional painters. They provide the durable option that delivers exceptional performance every time. They are high density and naturally shed-resistant. They also enable a large surface area of coverage before paint reloading is required.

Private Labeling Options for Your Lambswool Paint Roller

We make it possible for you to private label your line of high-quality paint rollers, applicators, or sundries. You can provide your clients with premium paint supplies through private labeling of our entire range of products and brand them according to your desires. Our products are suited for professional painters and designed to trade standards.

More Information

Our team can provide you with a considerable amount of information regarding our products and answer any particular questions you might have about your painting project and the best products to meet your needs. We are dedicated to providing you exceptional customer care at every stage of your communication with our team.

High Quality Lambswool Roller Cover

Virtually our entire line of products is made domestically to ensure you receive the highest quality products and level of workmanship. We have extensive experience to back up our services and provide friendly customer care along with high-quality products, including our lambswool paint roller and applicator. For more information about how we can serve your painting needs, call us today at 1-800-325-9561, visit our website or use our contact form.