How and When to Use A Foam Paint Roller Cover

Paint roller covers are convenient tools for the professional and amateur painter alike. A foam paint roller cover can help you produce outstanding results over a large surface area, quickly. At Pro Roller Company, we offer an extensive range of paint roller covers to help painters complete projects with superb efficiency and accuracy.

How to Use a Foam Roller Cover

Some simple steps to using a foam paint roller cover are as follows:

  1. Apply paint to the surface just as you would with a normal paint roller.
  2. Reapply paint to the surface a second time, pressing only slightly on the roller.
  3. Apply the roller a third time over the area without applying pressure.

Foam rollers and nap rollers are the two most common types of rollers. Nap rollers consist of various strands or fibers. Foam paint rollers are a more budget friendly alternative and are ideal for certain types of painting jobs.

When to Use a Foam Roller Cover

Below are some of the most common ways a painter can use a foam paint roller for exterior and interior painting projects.

Smooth Surfaces

Foam rollers are ideal for use on smooth interior walls, whereas traditional rollers are more ideal for exterior walls with uneven surfaces. Foam rollers glide easily along smooth, flat surfaces, dispensing paint uniformly.

Thin Paints

Foam absorbs liquids easily. The smooth outer surface of foam also redistributes paint in an even manner. Thin paints absorb very well which makes latex and water-based paints ideal for use with foam rollers.

Short Term Use

Foam paint roller covers are good options when the painter does not need to perform jobs repeatedly with the same roller. Foam roller covers tend to last for a shorter period of time than other standard roller covers. Since they are inexpensive, it is easier to replace them more often.

At Pro Roller Company, Inc., we offer a range of foam paint roller cover products to help you achieve successful results on your painting project. For more information about our roller covers or to order foam paint roller covers or other products from our selection, give us a call today at 1-800-325-9561, complete our contact form, or visit our website.