High-Quality Foam Paint Brushes and Many More Items

Foam brushes allow you to control how the paint is applied to the surface in a much easier manner than normal bristle brushes do. These brushes also do not imprint the brush strokes that appear on a piece of molding or corner when it is painted with a bristle brush. Foam brushes are easy to use and also quite inexpensive. At Pro Roller Company, Inc. we offer an extensive array of foam paint brushes and rollers that achieve exceptional results for our customers.

Foam Paint Brushes and Rollers

Both professional and amateur painters can benefit from foam paint rollers and brushes as a highly effective tool to finish painting projects. Using the right type of foam paint brush or roller is essential as well. For outstanding painting results, ask us about the wide array of paint covers and rollers we offer at Pro Roller Company, Inc. We can help you choose the perfect tool for your application.

When it comes to paint rollers, the foam roller and nap roller are the two major types to consider. Nap rollers have a large number of strands and fibers in them. Foam rollers are generally more affordable and can be used for a number of different types of painting applications.

High Density Foam Paint Roller Covers

We offer professional services that are responsive, courteous, knowledgeable, and experienced to help you make the right decision regarding your requirements for foam paint brushes and rollers. Whether you need a high density foam paint roller or the perfect type of foam paint brush for your application, we have you covered.

At Pro Roller Company, Inc., we provide products that are manufactured in the USA exclusively utilizing domestic materials. You have come to the right place in your search for foam paint brush and roller products. If you are ready to order or have any questions about our foam paint brushes and other products, give us a call today at 800.325.9561, complete our contact form, or visit our website.