Foam Roller for Painting – Common Reasons to Use This Tool

Paint rollers are convenient and a fun tool for both the amateur and professional painter. However, it is important to use the right type of roller for your particular application. In many cases using a foam roller for painting projects is ideal. At Pro Roller Company, Inc., we offer an extensive selection of paint covers and rollers to help you achieve optimum results with your painting projects.

Two common types of paint rollers are foam rollers and nap rollers. Nap rollers consists of a large number of strands and fibers. Foam rollers are a more affordable option to traditional rollers and highly useful for many types of painting jobs.

Some of the reasons to use a foam roller for painting when it comes to either exterior or interior painting projects include:

Thin Paints

Foam is a material that absorbs liquids very easily. When the foam surface is smooth, it evenly redistributes the absorbed liquid. Then paints tend to absorb very well. Therefore, foam rollers are able to distribute latex and water-based paints very well.

Smooth Surfaces

Painters often use traditional rollers for uneven exterior walls and foam rollers for smooth interior walls, doors, and cabinets. Foam rollers glide along a smooth flat surface very easily and dispense the paint on the surfaces evenly.

Short Duration Use

Foam rollers tend to last a shorter period of time than traditional rollers. They are excellent tools for a painter who does not perform painting jobs on a routine basis. If you are someone who only paints a room every few years, foam rollers are ideal for you.

Trim Frames

A smaller foam roller for painting, sometimes called picture roller, can help you handle painting requirements for different types of molding, trim frames, and other smaller painting tasks. You can achieve a neat trim with these 3 to 4 inch roller designs.

With the right painting tools, you can cover all parts of the room quickly and easily. For information about various foam rollers and other painting tools we offer at Pro Roller Company, Inc., visit our website or contact us today.