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Both amateur and professional painters can take advantage of the convenience of paint rollers as a fun and effective tool to help complete painting projects. It is essential to choose the correct type of foam roller for painting for your particular application. In a significant number of cases, a foam roller is the ideal tool to successfully complete painting projects. At Pro Roller Company, Inc., we offer our customers a complete array of paint rollers and covers to help them produce outstanding results.

The nap roller and the foam roller are the two major types of paint rollers generally used. Foam rollers are useful for many types of painting projects and a generally more affordable option. Nap rollers are comprised of a large quantity of fibers or strands.

Experienced Painting Products Supplier

Our team is here for you backed up by more than six decades of combined experience. We provide top-of-the-line paint rollers for the production of smooth finishes and outstanding results. Our inventory includes paint roller covers, epoxy roller options, and other foam roller for painting options. Serving painters and interior decorators across the nation, you are sure to find what you need among our selection of painting products.

Roller Covers

We specialize in developing paint roller covers, premium mini rollers, paint applicators, and paint sundries. When it comes to designing cost-effective, innovative, and vertical solutions for our customers, we know how to implement solutions for the niche projects of our clients.

High Density Foam Paint Roller Covers

We are committed to providing you with knowledgeable, courteous, and responsive services when you decide to trust us for any of your professional paint roller needs. Regardless of whether you need a small or large number of products or specific technical information on the best epoxy roller, we have the solutions to help you move forward and complete your project successfully.

At Pro Roller Company, Inc., virtually all of our products are made in the USA using only domestic materials. There is no need to look elsewhere for your foam roller for painting and accessory needs. If you are interested in ordering foam roller or other products from our inventory, call us today at 1-800-325-9561, use our contact form, or visit our website.