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High-Quality Foam Paint Brushes and Many More Items

Foam brushes allow you to control how the paint is applied to the surface in a much easier manner than normal bristle brushes do. These brushes also do not imprint the brush strokes that appear on a piece of molding or corner when it is painted with a bristle brush. Foam brushes are easy to […]

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Different Types of Paint Rollers

Many successful painting results are achieved through the use of paint rollers made from high quality materials. As a professional, it is important to use painting tools – such as paint brushes and rollers – that help you become more productive, save time, and produce better quality results. At Pro Roller Company, Inc., we offer […]

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Choosing Paint Rollers for Smooth Finish

The application of paint seems simple enough. Any contractor knows it can be done well with the right tools but will not offer the best results without some level of attention to these details. When it comes to choosing paint rollers for smooth finish work, there are a few key things to look for in […]

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