Best Roller for Epoxy Floor Paint

Industrial and commercial flooring applications often utilize epoxy surfaces. Quite often, an epoxy roller is used to apply epoxy floor coatings which are placed on concrete floors to develop a high-performance, smooth, and strong surface that is able to sustain heavy loads. Numerous industrial buildings, warehouses, and commercial buildings require epoxy floors for their operations. Epoxy is often used on surfaces to keep floors in the best condition possible. At Pro Roller Company, our product line of painting and epoxy products is extensive to help you fulfill your project requirements. When it comes to epoxy applications, we offer Dripless – Lint Free woven paint rollers to get the job done efficiently.

The benefits of using epoxy rollers include:

Minimize Spatter

Splatter can be a significant problem if the one applying the paint does not do so in a cautious and careful manner when using a paint filled roller. However, a Dripless – Lint Free woven roller absorbs the paint or epoxy with a strong hold until the one doing the painting applies the roller to the surface. This effectively reduces or eliminates the problem of spatter during application.

Reduce Lint

Many projects benefit from use of quality roller covers. However, lint is a problem to contend with when using many standard rollers. Some of this lint can get into your coatings which inevitably makes it onto the surface. An epoxy roller consisting of Dripless – Lint Free woven material can help you avoid the problem of having various pieces of lint applied to the surface and thus reducing the quality of the visual appearance of the application.

Dripless – Lint Free Woven Paint Rollers

At Pro Roller Company, we offer Dripless – Lint Free woven rollers made with strong, heavy duty cores that are highly versatile and deliver outstanding application results. You can benefit from a total satisfaction guarantee when using any of our paint rollers and products.

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