About Stain Pad Applicators

Staining wood is a great way to update old and new wood furnishings, flooring, and decking. Applying the stain may seem simple but in reality, it can be difficult and will not look professional if it is not applied correctly. The applicator you use will make a difference in how the stain looks. There are several different types of tools which can be used to apply the stain and the best and most effective way is to use a stain pad applicator.

Pro Roller Company offers a lambskin pad and block floor applicator for applying the stain. The lambskin pad is attached to a heavy-duty wood block which is threaded for use with an extension pole. This makes reaching the out-of-the-way places easier and for faster application of the stain.

Using a pad applicator is the preferred method for applying stain because it works the stain into the wood fibers eliminating the need for back brushing. It also creates less mess than spraying.

Stain pads applicators also work very well when covering large areas such as smooth boards. It allows for easier and faster coverage than other methods of applying the stain.

When staining indoors, take the time to protect the walls, floors, and anything else around the to-be stained area. An inexpensive drop cloth is perfect for protecting accidental staining. Make sure the area is well ventilated before starting your project.

It is important that you follow the stain manufacturer’s instructions for the required drying time of the stain. Consider the conditions in your home as temperature and humidity can affect the drying time.

After completing the project, dispose of any rags that were used on oil-based stains as they could cause a fire hazard.

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