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A Lambswool Stain Applicator Gives Excellent Results

Lambswool has numerous advantages when it comes to stain coverage. Not only is it capable of holding a large amount of product with minimal dripping, it also gives smooth, consistent results. We offer an adaptable selection of lambswool applicator options, including pad & block combinations, replacement pads and wooden blocks as stand-alone purchases. Designed to give cost-effective, durable service, a lambswool stain pad applicator is a great investment.

Stain Applicator Products from an Experienced Manufacturer

We make a wide range of products aimed at the professional market. Our selection includes paint sundries, applicators and rollers, providing everything that's needed for high-grade results. We also offer specialty options that are ideal for niche painting, staining or varnishing jobs.

Stain Applicator Pads and Many More Products

We are a manufacturer that offers both our Pro Roller brand products and the opportunity for customers to use our products for their own brand (private labeling). This gives you the chance to market great products that are U.S.-made and designed with longevity and performance as priorities.

Excellent Customer Care at Every Stage of Your Dealings with Us

We are a company that has a long track record of providing the products our customers need, in a flexible and responsive manner. Our team understands the challenges you face and will do everything necessary to ensure you get the products you need for success. If you would like more information about our product range or would like to discuss the opportunity to become one of our dealers or arrange private labeling, call us at 1-800-325-9561.